Once again, the Tourney Planner was designed by coaches for coaches! We know from years of experience that one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks most coaches face is researching and planning their tournament schedule. Coaches typically search multiple sites, many of which are not user-friendly.

Our tourney builderTM provides a comprehensive list of tournaments, conveniently organized by date in a drop-down format. As tournaments are selected, a list is created automatically and important information is at your finger tips, including sanctioning body, location, guaranteed games, entry fees, umpire costs (if any) and a link to the sponsor's website. Total games and cost is calculated as you go.

With no additional input, a second report is generated that provides detailed contact information including the tournament director's name, telephone number and email address. A third report provides a convenient form for you to keep track of your registration status, deposits, payments and refunds!

Finally, a simple report summarizes your total costs, guaranteed games and average costs per tournament/game. All of these pre-formatted reports may be saved as a PDF  or printed with just a few clicks. Best of all, your Tourney Builder file may be accessed and changed as often as you like! Click here for a sample report!

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